Monday, March 28, 2011

My first sewn dress

I have finished my dress.  Yay for me! 

from this, to this!


The dress is a loose fitting, cotton paisley pattern (I just love saying the word "paisley").  I added a belt here to see how it would look, because otherwise it just hangs like a sack, and that makes me look like a marionette on a stick, quite frankly.  The sleeves, which have a small pleat on top, are designed to slope off the shoulders.  I shortened the hem to fall above my knees instead of below, because I'm petite in stature. 


Here I added a grey sweater (and candy apple red peep toe heels...but I haven't shaved my legs in a few days so you won't be seeing them...whoops).  Forgive the grainy photos, it is raining out, and I'm not a miracle worker with my point and shoot.

I am especially proud of this dress, because it is the first sewing project that I have successfully completed from start to finish, and it's also the first dress that I have ever sewn.  I only made one error, thankfully you can't see it without especially looking for it (and I'm not telling where it is)! 


LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I am impressed, especially as I hate sewing :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Great dress, especially since it's a first attempt. My first attempt at sewing I made PJs, my sewing isn't up to anything to wear outside of the bedroom! I really want to start to learn how to sew properly especially since very soon I'm going to be needing a few bigger clothes!! Did you just teach yourself or did you use any books, tutorials?

Tammy said...

@ Jayne...Thanks! I've been preparing to start working again, the tourists have flown in already.

@Lindylou...thank you! I like it, but of course it can be intimidating.

@Sarah Elizabeth...Well, the gym shorts I made in high school home ec don't count, I can barely remember how I put them together. My mother was a sewer, and I just watched her when she sewed, and so the basics come naturally. I had never done a pattern before, and I was nearly giving up on this one at one point (burda magazine, instructions in german and italian, no hints or anything to make it easier...I know you've seen these magazines in the edicolas). I say go for it, maternity clothes should be forgiving! Check out the sewing blogs, there are lots of tutorials!

Que said...

That diagram must be what my wife sees when I show her our budget! Good job.

Tammy said...

@Que...Hahahahaha! Thanks!