Thursday, March 24, 2011

a rough week

Looks like the computer is fixed, but every now and then it burps up an error message.  I seem to be getting lots of spam from an old friend, what is up with that?  I now have 4 email accounts to my name, and no peace of mind.

Spring and pollen have arrived, and they've not been so nice to me.   I may just lock myself in the house and refuse to see anyone.  I just can't catch my breath lately, literally. 

I spent the morning at the ER with my son, and his swollen big toe.  His friend missed the soccer ball and kicked my son's foot instead.  Classic.  Interminable wait, germs everywhere, and so I did what any bored mother would do:  I people watched.  Temptation was too hard to resist.  
 Next to me stood a young man in black athletic pants and a plastic black leather jacket.  The pants had elastic in the ankles, so.... he was probably east european I said to myself.  This was confirmed when he started talking to his wife in romanian...albanian...polish, perhaps?  While I was trying to decipher his accent, he turned around, giving me a view of his rear end.  He had the words "Frankie blue" written across his butt.  I cringed. 

Men, please don't wear clothes with words scrawled across your buttocks. 

His wife had on the tightest pair of skimpy low rise jeans, with her belly and back fat hanging out.  Really, what posseses women to wear clothing that squishes the fat out all over the place, like an exploded ink pen?  If only I had thought to take a picture with my phone!!  Maybe she was at the ER because she couldn't get her pants off?  I'm usually not so mean spirited, but enforced waiting, nerves, germs, and a headache just got the best of me this morning.

My son has a bruised toe.  Eight days of rest. 

My summer dress sits waiting to be sewed up.  It is all cut out and ready to go, all I need is a free afternoon!  Soon!

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Ellen said...

The dreaded ER visit. The waiting and waiting. The eavesdropping...I mean really...what else can you do? I am glad your son has a bruised toe and not a broken toe..still the healing will take time.

Spring seems to have left us in CA...where oh where did it go? Just rain and more rain..depressing.

Let us cheer each other up...a cup of tea or a latte? I am with you if only in spirit!