Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This week, our little Italian-American family joined the Travelling Salesman Club.  My husband's new job is too far away for him to make the daily commute like any reasonable person should, so he has rented a room and will be living the weekends at home and the rest of the week in the far away town.  How does this make me feel?  One the one hand, I am happy for him, because this new job is promising and we need some kind of good promises, right?  In these times....  On the other hand, it's darn cold at night in my bed.  He has been fufilling his duties (among others)  as my Own Personal Heater for 15 years now, and I miss him already!

  My husband has rented a pharmacist's extra bedroom.  (We found a website dedicated to room rentals online). The third bedroom is occupied by a security guard, which is positive news.  So far, his roomates seem to be cool people.  (This was told to me over the phone in their presence in a mixture of english and italian, like he was a spy on a mission, or something).   Lots of clanging and laughing in the background.  I thought they might have been in a bar, but turns out they were cooking dinner.  I asked him if maybe they were fighting with the pots and pans..?

Our dog, Jack the Ripper, has been moping around the house with intestinal problems these past two days...who knows what's he's thinking?  Probably something along the lines of "He was here everyday for months, and then suddenly he just leaves before the sun even comes up?  Where the hell has he gone off to, and even more important, is he coming back?  My bowels just can't take anymore stress."   Our dog, bless his psychotic heart, is our family court jester.

Change is good.  Right?


Queen of...Whatever said...

Isn't it sad how the economy is now messing with families even getting to be together???
I swear if people dont wake up soon...all that is good will be lost.
Tammy, i wish you didnt have to be going through this. I could candy coat it and say gooey things and all, but i know in the long run you know it is.... what it is. It is just damn frustrating. I will say a prayer though for your strong family to be stronger through this.... In the meantime keep blogging and crafting ,cooking and taking care of your home and be the strong Mom and wife you are : )
Your tough....i know these things

LindyLouMac said...

To your husband Good Luck with the new job and if change comes as a result treat it as an adventure. After all that is life one big adventure. Take Care.

Hannah said...

Brian has to drive 1 1/2hrs to work one way at least 3 days out of the week, so those are very long days for me. He's out before the sun comes up and home after it goes down. I'm lucky in that he gets to come home in the evenings, but can def understand where you're coming from. It's tough, but keep communication open and once the newness and excitement of having a new job wears off, try not to resent each other for things out of your control. It's easy to get mad when you have to "deal with the kids and laundry and cooking and..." all day and all week without much of a break by yourself and it's not easy on him either. He'll miss his family and his home and his beautiful wife. Brian and I talk very often about these things and always feel much better afterwards. :) Good luck with this change! And yes, change can be a very good thing sometimes! You'll cherish quality family time even more now.