Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Fever

Bloggers, I think I've caught me some spring fever.

A few days ago, I was a simmering, sarcastic nutcase, writing up a scathing put-down to some bumbling idiot on vacation. 

Before that, I was feeling a little hippy-ish out there in my yard, waxing poetic about weeds...I mean, who gets poetic about weeds?  I don't even have a green thumb. ( I just tell myself that I do).

Friday I didn't answer my phone all morning, because I had x-ray ears and a premonition, and could tell, just by the ring and the hour, that it was elderly Mrs. A calling me for her groceries.  She likes to sound half-dead on the phone until I agree to come over, then sprightly reads off the list to me.  I  was so not in the mood. (She caught me at  lunch hour, though, because my son answered the phone. Drat).

Saturday, while still in this funk, I took another trip to the tile store to look around.  We are putting in a new kitchen and I need new wall tiles.  I have been staring at some butt ugly tiles for ten years now.  These are the kind of tiles that look dirty even when just cleaned.  Horrible. Opaque beige with tan lines all around, and tiny tanish flecks that look like dried grease splatters.  Out with the old and in with the new!   Anyhoo, there I was in the tile store, scoping them out and really just wandering around until something caught my eye, when the saleslady came over to help me out.  I thought, "why not?"  So, I told her my new kitchen was a buttery cream color, modern and simple in style.  The floors are terracotta and the ceiling has dark wood exposed beams.  The only rule was that the tiles had to be shiny and cheerful, 'cause I was tired of looking at the shit tiles currently stuck on my wall.  I said that outloud, in Italian, and I could have bit off my tongue!  Damn funk!  She was probably thinking "Not another straniera!", or something similar.  For the record, I picked a possible winner, shiny mosaic 20cm X 20cm tiles that look like lots of colorful candies in yellow, white, blue, green, and  red, all light and shiny.  The woman told me that those were usually reserved for a bathroom and the "kitchen" tiles all had pictures of fruit, or baskets, or vegetables, and other crap like that.  Not my style!  The price is a little steep, but I still have two other stores to check out before making my final decision.


Queen of Crafts, Current Events, and Such. said...

I say go against the grain and get the colorful and cheerful tiles....There are no laws in regards to tile protocol. As far as this contrary mood your in, can be used to your advantage. Sometimes you will gain the most from these switch ups.....they make a statement. Your phone standoff with your neighbor hopefully sent her a discrete message. You just didnt do as much work in the process.....hehehe

Ellen said...

You appear in the midst of a Spring frenzy! So how much baking happened? Oh, and I have many a night when I have forgotten to plan dinner...voila! Breakfast for dinner, quiches, scrambled eggs and yes if all else fails...take out sushi..because my boys just love nada..

And don't you find when you start trimming hedges or pruning that it is so easy to get carried away? But it always looks so good...who rakes up after me though?

By the way I like your photo of yourself..very cute of you!

Tammy said...

Queen...Yes, I'm with you on the tile choice. This mood seems to be on the wane, at least today I feel like my normal self. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the Italian teacher and I'm crossing my fingers. As for the phone standoff...isn't that what people call passive agressive? I don't know, but I do know that I'm thinking of bumping her off of my client list. baking! Unless you count the pizza! Hopefully soon I can get out my recipes. I have to rake after myself. Those branches are still there in a pile, because it started raining and I ran inside. Thank you for the photo compliments! The light at sunrise is the best for taking pictures.

Queen of Crafts, Current Events, and Such. said...

passive aggressive?......why yes. What a lovely concept.